Epidemiology & Water Testing Lab

Professor Dr. Farkhanda dedicatedly serving as Epidemiologist  to the  government of Punjab and is also looking after the Water Testing Lab which is established since 1950 and is testing water samples throughout Punjab as per World Health Organization's rules.

This lab has been working from prepetition is governed by the government of Punjab. In this lab water testing is being done, samples are taken from whole Punjab's private and government institutions, The water test is performed on the sample of drinking water and these sample are kept at 37ºC in incubator for 24 hours and then again for 24 hours at48ºC. We detect the microbiological tests. We only see the E-coli. Results are being prepared within 3 days and are posted back to the respective places.
Paramedical students of sanitary inspection course and 4th year community medicine students of different medical colleges including government and private institution, visit this lab. The material which is used for lab work is obtained from secretariat. These water samples are being tested throughout the year, No. of test are markedly increase during the spring and summer seasons and in case of epidemic of water born disease.