Public Health Practice

The Department of Public Health Practice strives to deliver professional teaching and training programs and applied health research aimed at enhancing health and healthcare services. It stands out as the most significant part of IPH; its key position is due to the maximum contribution in teaching activities of this Institute. The catchment area of the institute is private and public health sectors of Pakistan. The department of Public Health Practices is a pivotal component of this teaching matrix in postgraduate and undergraduate course at IPH.


The Public Health Practice Department is a teaching department which is responsible for the organization of Master in Hospital Management (MHM) Program. The department covers all specialized subjects/topics planned under the M.Phil, MPH, and MMCH courses besides contributing to the various paramedics course. The department is also managing training for the students of FCPS and MCPS in community medicines.

Main areas covered in teaching programs include:

  • Basis of Public Health
  • Health Care Systems and Primary Health Care
  • Purpose and Nature of Management
  • Administrative Organizations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Material Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Health Information System
  • Health Policy and Planning
  • Health Economics
  • Hospital Management

Short courses and workshops organized include:

  • Workshops on various public health problems
  • Short courses on ‘Leadership and Management Decision Making Skills’ for district health managers
  • Hospital Management
  • Gender mainstreaming of healthcare providers
  • Awareness seminars

Applied Research

The department supervises the research activities carried out by the postgraduate students as a part of their dissertation project. In this regards guidance is provided in preparing project proposals, developing research tools and application of appropriate data collection methods in the research activities. In addition, different research projects of public health significance are being conducted for the purpose of knowledge and action by the health department and various other agencies.


University of Health Science (UHS), Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF) and Lahore Board (BISE) is examining body of postgraduate and undergraduate programs. College of Physician and Surgeon of Pakistan is examining body for FCPS and MCPS examinations. The registration of MCPS and FCPS is scheduled to be held in the month of January and July. The faculty of the department is kept in engagement with examinations of respective examining bodies in different courses.


Dr. Muhammad Hussain Cheema
Head of the Department
Dr. Shehzad Saeed
Dr. Sabin Nasir
Senior Demonstrator
Dr. Sania Nargis
Dr. Rabia Islam