Institute of Public Health is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. Further, the Institute is being maintained by the Government of Punjab and is under the administrative control of the Health Department. This Institute is becoming a source of inspiration for the doctors planning a career in various specialties of public health in Pakistan and abroad. The graduates of the Institute are adding a new dimension to the public health programmes by virtue of their abilities of leadership, teamwork, management, community involvement and advocacy for health promotion as well as disease prevention and control.

Moreover, the Institute provides an excellent environment for teaching and training. Different instructional facilities like auditorium, lecture and conference rooms are available for academic purposes. These are well furnished and equipped with latest audio-visual equipments. Separate hostel accommodation is available within the premises of the Institute for postgraduate male and female students.  At present the accommodation facilities are limited therefore,  the allocation is made on  a first-come first-serve basis.

The Institute also  has a  well equipped computer lab with a network of latest computers that serves both the faculty and the students for their research and coursework. Hence, IPH aims at not only  being the centre of excellence for post-grad medical education and a public health research centre but also at being able to tackle the various health issues throughout the country.

The Institute takes pride in being able to control disastrous epidemics like Dengue. The Punjab Government realises the rapidly escalating importance of Public health today and is constantly updating the Institute so it could effectively participate in disease prevention and health management of the Punjab community.By bridging diverse yet related disciplines and methodologies, the Institute advances discovery, translation and dissemination of health-related interventions with the goal of improving the health of populations in Punjab.