Nutrition and Dietetics

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has been an integral part of Institute of Public Health since its inception in 1949. It has played a pivotal role in developing the public health discipline in Pakistan and consequently contributed towards creating luminaries from a medicine profession for the purpose of improving the health status of people of Pakistan.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics fosters an environment which encourages innovation and diligence among staff. We believe in continuous improvement of our functions and value self discipline, originality and creativity among our students and researchers. The department will be a state-of-art centre for teaching research and public health services contributing towards positive health of our communities.

The major objectives of Nutrition and Dietetics Department are:

  • To improve the health status of population by training health care workforce
  • To carry applied research
  • Technical assistance for Nutritional Surveillance and food safety

Research and Development

The Department extends the facilities/guidance to postgraduate students in the field of Nutrition and Public Health.

Laboratory Services

The department has a bio-chemical laboratory which imparts the trainings to the medical laboratory technicians in chemical pathology. It extends the facilities for the research work of postgraduate students and lab diagnosis facilities to the community. 

Technical Assistance

Department of Nutrition extends technical assistance to Health Department, Government of Punjab as:

  • Member provincial infant feeding committee
  • Member of the committee for amendments of Pure Food Rules - 1965
  • Consultant in amendment of West Pakistan Pure Food Rules 1965 in general and infant feeding formula
  • Consultant/expertise by the Health Department, Government of Punjab on various issue pertaining to food, nutrition and food safety

Future Plans

We plan to build capacity of health care personnel to apply knowledge and skills of nutrition/dietetics effectively by introducing new academic program as follows:

  • Two years Master Programme in Human Nutrition
  • One year Master Programme in Community Nutrition
  • Short Courses for Health Professionals
  • Enhance Public Health Knowledge through basic and applied research in Nutrition and Dietetics through expansion of existing laboratory in terms of building and establishment of RIA lab
  • Establishment of food analysis laboratory in chemical food microbiology laboratory
  • Support public and private sectors in developing strategies for food safety
  • Devise mechanisms for nutrition surveillance in our communities
  • Establishing Diabetic and obesity advisory centre
  • Design methodologies for health education in Nutrition, Dietetics and strengthening advocacy campaigns for decision makers in public health


Dr. Farrukh Mehmood Alvi
Chief Biochemist
Head of Department
Dr. Seenum Saeed