Bacteriology Department

Department of Bacteriology is functioning to provide quality analytical services, support to the public health and environmental activities and targeting the fundamental research. 
Our main objectives are:

  • Teaching and Training of paramedical and postgraduate students
  • Supervising dissertations of post graduate students
  • Targeting fundamental research


Department offered teaching & training to the students in following courses:

  • Undergraduates
  • B.Sc MLT
  • Postgraduates
  • M. Phil Community Medicine
  • Master in Public Health
  • Master in Maternal and chaild health
  • Master in Hospital Management

Laboratory Services

  • Teaching and Training of B.Sc MLT students
  • Laboratory training of M.Phil (Community Medicine) Students
  • Research work.


Training of paramedics from all districts of Punjab (from PC-I Health Department) in 2009-2010 on following topics:

  • Laboratory safety
  • Microscopy
  • Quality assurance
  • Sample collection


Prof. Dr. Zarfishan Tahir

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  • Anjum Bhutta,Zarfishan Tahir,Saima Ayub. Seroprevalance of anti HCV in non professional blood donors .PJMHS VOL 6 NO 1 JAN-MAR 2012
  • International Title:
  • Incidence and intensity of soil transmitted helminthes in a rural area of Lahore. International Journal of Pathology 2003 Jul – Dec; Vol. 1: 36-38.

Dr. Anjum Zubair Bhutta

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Dr. Saima Ayub

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  • Ayub A, Nasir KA, Gulshan N, Saima A. Effect of Female Literacy on the Family Size in a Rural Community. Pak J Health Dec 1998;35(3-4):86-8. 

Research Work – Guidance to postgraduate & undergraduate students in the field of Bacteriology. Nowadays the researches under process are:

  • To find out risk factor of MDR in category-II patients
  • Confirmation of E.coli in water samples from different hospital and schools in Lahore district.
  • Comparison between ZN staining and Florescent Microscopy in TB Diagnosis
  • Prevalence of Hepatitis B & C in difference blood groups.

Faculty Members

Dr. Saima Ayub

Assistant Professor

Head of the Department

Dr. Tahir Iqbal