Environmental Health

The department of Environmental Health is one of the key department of the Institute of Public Health, imparting trainings to the postgraduate students in the area of environmental health; preparing them to take a leadership role in the fight against environmental and public health problems like climate change, air, water and soil pollution, impact of solid waste and hospital waste etc. through updated knowledge in technological advancements and policy and legislative initiatives. Incorporation of new ideas from all the available sources with firm determination of maintaining the international standards is the objective of the department with the expectation that its graduates add new dimensions to the environmental health programs, at the domestic and global levels.

Teaching and Training Activities

The department is extensively engaged in the provision of teaching and training the medical and dental graduates of M. Phil in Community Medicine, MPH, MHM and MMCH, enabling them to hold challenging positions as the environmental health and public health professionals.

Research Activities

The department supervises the research dissertations of its postgraduate students and faculty publishes their research work in renowned journals.

Advisory Services

The department provides advisory services on legal matters as well as environmental health issues.

Future Plans

The department is planning to launch a new course, named as:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Solid and Hazardous Waste Management


Dr. Tahir Iqbal
Additional Principal Medical Officer
Head of the Department
Dr. Tanvir Bharwana