Dental Public Health Department

Dental public health department is involved in the assessment of public dental health needs and its improvement. The basic objective of this department is caring, providing and teaching a high quality of dental services at all levels. Provision of responsive, effective and efficient health care is made sure which is accessible, approachable and affordable. 

We aim to provide good experiences for people using public health services by making sure that these services are of high quality, appropriate, safe, available when and where needed, and coordinated to meet each individual’s needs. The range of oral health services provided through the Dental Public Health Department at IPH broadly includes dental services to children and adults according to the criteria that target emergency situations, those in most need, dental education and oral health promotional services. These services are delivered in dental clinic based in the Dental Public Health Department.

The services provided include general dentistry such as examinations, scaling, dressings, fillings, root canal treatment, extractions and medication. The staff and dental hygienist students of Dental Public Health Department visit schools, colleges and community centres within the feeding area. The department also provides preventive services in its clinic and through outreach programs in rural public community.

Service Delivery
Each year about 2500 to 3000 new patients are provided dental services in the Dental Public Health Department.

These services include:

  • Minor Oral Surgery 
  • Periodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry 
  • Conservative & Endodontic
  • Oral Medicine 
  • Dental Health Education and Promotion

Research & Supervising the Dissertation Writing
The department assists in dissertation writing to  Dental students of MPH & MHM classes.

By Dr.Mushtaq Ahmad Alam:
  • Management of Dental waste in a Dental Hospital of Lahore (Biomedica Volume 24 Jan-Jun 2008)
  • Preventing measures adopted against Hepatitis by Dental Practitioners in Lahore (Esculapid Volume 06 issue 01-June 2010)
  • Oral Health Knowledge and Practices among children 10-14 years attending cricket summer camp (Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences Volume 06 No.4 Oct-Dec 2012.992-94)
Faculty Members  
Dr. Amir (BDS)
Head of the Department
Dr. Yousaf Hameed
Senior Demonstrator
Dr. Saira Talib (BDS)