Computer and Information Technology Cell

Computer and Information Technology Department is the youngest department of IPH and contributes towards enabling the post graduate students to use computers as a tool in their routine managerial and report writing activities.The main objective of this department is that by the end of the course a student is expected to understand the basic concepts of computer hardware, operating systems and software currently in use, produce a well formatted document using a word processing software and a graphical package and is capable of using a data analysis software (Epi Info) for practical field use.


The department is responsible for:

  • Post graduate class lectures on:
    • Introduction to Computers
    • Literature Search
    • Data Entry/Cleaning/Handling/Analysis and Presentation of data
  • Hands on training regarding all topics mentioned above
  • Access to and support in use of HEC sponsored Digital Library
  • Practical support on literature search, data entry and analysis during dissertation and report writing
  • Internet access to the staff and post graduate students
  • Official internet based communication
  • Development and printing of student and staff identity cards
  • Development and maintenance of official website
  • Support for the official research journal (PJOH)
  • Support for official research projects with special reference to the data entry and analysis
  • Support in admission process
  • Support in conducting trainings, seminars and workshops


The department of Computer and Information Technology provides the following facilities to the students and faculty:

  • 40 Computer stations
  • Broadband Internet Facility
  • Digital Library Access via UHS (HEC sponsored)
  • Printer
  • Scanner


Muhammad Umar Farooq
Incharge CIT Cell