Bacteriology Labs

Professor Dr. Zarfishan Tahir is working as a Bacteriologist to the government of Punjab and under her kind control the under mentioned departmental labs are working.

Routine microscopy for AFB and TB Culture & Sensitivity are done free of cost for any patient from the community as well as patients referred from tertiary care, intermediate and other district & sub-district hospitals, whoever come to the provincial TB Reference Lab IPH.

Following tests are being offered in the Department of Bacteriology:

  • DengueTests:
  • NS-1
  • Ig M
  • Ig G
  • PCR Tests:
  • Dengue
  • Anti HCV
  • Hep. B
  • MTB
  • Hepatitis:
  • Hbs Ag
  • Anti HCV
  • TB Culture & Sensitivity Tests