Dog Bite Center

Anti-Rabies centre deals with animal bite cases from all over Punjab particularly Lahore and its vicinity. This centre caters on an average 30-35 new patients daily.

Management plan of the patients currently followed in this centre is as follows:

  • Wound washing and tetanus toxoid administration for all wound categories
  • Vaccination for category II and III wounds, through WHO currently recommended intradermal regimen except for immunocompromized patients where intramuscular regimen is followed
  • Prescribing Rabies Immune Globulin (RIG) in Category III wounds
  • Referring full blown rabies cases to Infectious Diseases Hospital, Data Darbar for further management as no vaccination is effective at this time

Vaccination Strategy

  • WHO recommended approved cell culture vaccines are being used in our centre. These vaccines are the safest and most efficacious. WHO recommended active immunization is followed which consists of four intradermal doses given over one month. This regimen is cost effective and equally efficacious as intramuscular regimen
  • At present in deserving patients all four intradermal dozes are provided free of cost. Whereas, in other patients first two dozes are free of cost and last two dozes are borne by the patients
  • 14 intra abdominal injections (sheep brain/nervous tissue sample vaccine) are not more used in our centre as this vaccine is no more recommended by WHO
  • Rabies immune globulin is issued for local infiltration in wound of category III patients according to body weight of the patient. Expense will be borne by the patient, as previously stated deserving patients are given immunoglobulin out of Zakat and donations

Timing of the Anti Rabies Centre
The centre works on an outdoor basis from 08:00 am to 02:30 pm. Animal bite victims approaching after this time should go to any tertiary care hospital emergency where emergency management is provided and patients are subsequently referred to anti rabies centre.