Fee Structure

Punjab Health Department Employees on Deputation
  House Examination & Student Welfare Fund 6,000
  Library Security (Refundable) 3,000
  Total (Amount in PKR) 9,000
Private Candidates
  Tuition Fee 60,000
  House Examination & Student Welfare Fund 8,000
  Library Security (Refundable) 4,000
  Computer Service Fee 8,000
  Total (Amount in PKR) 80,000
  The permission to submit fees in three installments has been withdrawn
Foreign Candidates  
  Total Fee Deposited by foreign students 4000 USD
Hostel Charges  
  Hostel Lodging Fee per year 8,000
  Utility Charges per year 12,000
  Service Charges per year 10,000
  Total (Amount in PKR) 30,000
Note: All the above dues are for each academic year, M.Phil students requiring training for more than one year have to pay the dues accordingly.