Library Top
Library Institute of Public Health was established in 1949. Today the Library is one of the unique and historic library/information resource centres in the field of Public Health not only at a National level but also at the International level. Read more..
Labs Top
Institute of Public Health has set up several laboratories throughout Punjab that are playing their part according to the latest international standards. IPH further classifies the labs according to the nature of the tests to be conducted:
  • For water sample testing a well equipped Lab is present in Epidemiology Department.
  • For routine Tests a well equipped Lab is present in the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics.
  • Following tests are done at the Department of Bacteriology:
  • TB Culture & Sensitivity Tests
    • NS-1
    • Ig M
    • Ig G
    • Hbs Ag
    • Anti HCV
    PCR Tests:
    • Dengue
    • Anti HCV
    • Hep. B
    • MTB
Classrooms Top
For Post Graduate students following classrooms are available with audio-visual aids:
  • Niaz-ud-Din Hall
  • Nazir Hall
  • Committee room in the Infectious Diseases Department
  • Conference room in the Nutrition Department

For Paramedic students following classrooms are available:

  • Three classrooms in Maternal & Child Health Department
  • Four classrooms in Bacteriology Department

Auditorium Top
For educational activities and seminars, a spacious and well furnished auditorium is present at the Institute of Public Health.
Mosque Top
To facilitate prayers, a mosque is located in the premises of Institute of Public Health. A government Khateeb is also appointed.
Hostel Top
The Samad Shah Post Graduate hostel has 12 rooms with beautiful lawns and facilities like gyms for its occupants. Dr. Tahir Mehmood is incharge of the hostel activities.
Transport Services Top
The Institute provides vehicles for the students' field visits and research work . Four wagons, two mazdas and a jeep are reserved for this purpose.